TRU-FLOW Ltd has the experience and expertise to undertake all aspects of work in pipeline, civil and mechanical, engineering projects. Underpinned by strong management and planning, coupled with a depth of experience, our approach ensures that we deliver the results you require.

We work to fulfil your needs, happy either to compliment your project team or to manage projects on your behalf in their entirety. We will work closely with your people.

We comply strictly with industry laws and regulations, managing and implementing safety procedures; at all times ensuring that our services support the successful completion of the project.

Site Management


We have the expertise to undertake all aspects of site management, from start to finish of projects, regardless of size or scope. Our time-management and planning procedures ensure smooth running and execution of tasks. We recognise the importance of working closely with client engineers and site managers. All work is monitored, recording in detail all decisions and actions, through to job completion.

We manage daily records, upload client site-specific data books and execute a range of jobs including stopple connections, hot tap connections, deep excavations, and testing We are diligent in environmental aspects as well as adhering to the Health and Safety Regulations.

Above Ground Installations

Above ground installations require a specialist approach, often requiring a high level of expertise. Our knowledge and insight into how to solve any issues that might arise ensure such projects are performed and completed to a high standard.

We oversee the removal of existing water bath heaters, the installation of heat exchangers and boiler houses. We have extensive experience of implementing complete upgrades.

We work closely with all engineers and teams involved in every project, actively monitoring the works to ensure that they are health and safety compliant as well as streamlined to ensure that they are completed efficiently.

Above Ground Installations

Cross Country Pipeline Work

Cross Country Pipeline Work

Cross-country pipeline projects require careful precision as well as a wide knowledge base and functional expertise.

We undertake project planning prior to carrying out all pipeline works. We assemble and manage skilled teams including engineers

We carry out topsoil stripping, excavate trial holes, welding, install permanent fencing and aerial markers, etc. We address environmental mitigations, as well as assist clients with the commissioning process.

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Excavation Work

Excavation underpins the success of any pipeline project.

We manage tie-in pits, stopple pits, hot tap excavations, trench excavations, bell holes, mainline trenches and cathodic protection excavations, making sure to use the appropriate machinery to perform the specific tasks.

We place a focus on safety, recognising that the safety of site personnel is a priority. We thus ensure that all engineers and staff are qualified to use all the required machinery while working within strict health and safety guidelines.

Prior to the start of each excavation project, a thorough project risk assessment is made. We monitor progress, to ensure that the highest safety levels are maintained throughout.

Excavation Work

Reinforced Concrete Bases

Reinforced Concrete Bases

Reinforced concrete bases form an integral part of all pipeline and civil works.

From pipeline protection slabs to reinforced concrete bases, pig trap bases, filter bases, skid unit bases, stopple bases and boiler houses, a high quality of installation is vital to ensure they remain safe and secure.

Completing this work successfully requires the correct approach and quality management. We undertake all safety checks before executing installation of the many types of concrete bases. Our experienced engineers make sure that the appropriate machinery is used for specific tasks.

Pipe Fabrication

Pipe fabrication requires that personnel have specialist expertise ensuring that pipelines are correctly installed and maintained.

We undertake all aspects of pipeline fabrication work.

We weld and install pipelines, undertake x ray and phased array to identify potential flaws and weaknesses, as well as do pressure testing to identify any issues in the integrity of pipelines. All work is scrupulously monitored and recorded.

Pipe Fabrication

Plant and Excavations

Plant & excavation

Using the right plant for the job is key for successful excavation work. We have experience in operating a wide variety of plant, and this versatility enables us to complete all excavation works with precision and expertise.

We can supply and operate tracked and wheeled excavators, bulldozers and wagons.

we also use trenchless systems, mole ploughs, directional drilling, pipe bursting rigs.

We take pride in finding the best solutions to complete any excavation project safely and efficiently.


We handle a wide range of Gas, Water and Electricity projects.  We perform new builds and as well as work regularly on upgrades for water treatment works.

Thorough health and safety planning, using teams with the relevant experience for each type of project, as well as detailed monitoring and record keeping, ensures that these projects are well -managed and executed efficiently from start to finish