Removal of Existing Water Bath Heaters

We can undertake the removal of existing water bath heaters by adopting the correct processes, methods and engineers to help manage the process throughout it’s entirety. The project benefit from thorough planning and management while ensuring all health and safety regulations are followed. All risks are identified while the correct equipment will be operated by trained and qualified operators where required. As bath heaters consist of many parts, we will ensure that everything from the burner and fuel to the flue stack, expansions tack and pipelines are isolated and closed off where necessary. The works are adequately recorded and monitored throughout.

Water Bath Heaters

Installation of Heat Exchangers, horizontal Filters, Boiler House Installation Electrical & Instrumentation

Heat Exchangers horizontal Filters, Boiler House

We can implement teams to undertake tasks that involve the installation of heat exchangers, horizontal filters, boiler house installation as well as Electrical and Instrumentation. All of the work we carry out undergoes thorough planning to ensure that all risks are mitigated and all planning documentation is put in place before work begins. We will also ensure that all teams are suitable to carry out the project and that all machinery is adequate and maintained. The work is fully managed and all records accurately maintained.

Trial Holes

Trial Holes

Prior to undertaking any form of construction work we will prepare for trial holes. This form of investigation is required to ensure the ground conditions are suitable for foundations designs. We will ensure that an engineer is on-site who will log the work and take disturbed samples at regular intervals for testing. All of the work is planned beforehand to identify any potential risks and to ensure that the environmental impact is kept at a minimum. We will help to gain an understanding of the profile of the soils within the ground.

CP Upgrade

Steel pipelines can corrode over time, we can reduce this with a Cathodic Protection upgrade. We will ensure we utilize the right equipment and the right teams, ensuring the correct planning takes place to ensure a smooth process while ensuring the workforce remain safe in accordance with all health and safety regulations. The entire process will be managed and monitored, enabling us to overcome any issues while completing the job successfully.


pipeline installation

We can assist with the removal of water bath heaters upgrade the heating system with HEX & Boiler House, filters, E&I, coating, painting, welding, excavations, testing, permits.

water bath heaters upgrade 38bar system with HEX & Boiler House

We have the scope to undertake a wide range of projects ranging from the removal of water bath heaters, upgrading heating systems with HEX & boiler house as well as painting, welding and excavations. We ensure that the right teams are distributed across the relevant projects, while making sure that all testing is undertaken where necessary and ensuring all engineers have the correct permits that enable them to carry out the work. All works are planned in advance to ensure they meet all health and safety regulations and law.

CCS Scheme

CCS Scheme

We ensure that we follow the guidance from the CCS Scheme to ensure that all activities are carried out in a way that continues to ensure that the image of construction industry is upheld. We ensure that we follow the code in relation to respecting the community, ensuring everyone is safe, consider the appearance and protect the environment. All of this will be clearly displayed along with contact details and we make sure we take a proactive approach so we are prepared should we be assessed.