Pipeline Tie-In’s

We manage the process of constructing tie-in pits in accordance with site plans. Our teams ensure that management is carried out efficiently and effectively by implementing the right teams and machinery to complete the works. We meet all safety requirements, monitoring the work throughout to ensure the area remains secure.

Tie-In Pits

Stopple Pits

Stopple Pits

We undertake all stopple pit excavation works and prepare the site to installing the stopple. Proceeding with caution, we conduct investigatory works prior to carrying out the work. We then carry out the work, mitigate risks, maintaining safety and adhere to all construction regulations.

Hot Tap Excavations

To ensure that hot tapping is completed quickly and efficiently, we plan and manage all the hot tap excavation work. We work closely with teams to ensure we identify the correct area to be excavated and put the appropriate team to work, making sure they follow all guidelines and safety regulations. We use qualified engineers and work with well-maintained machinery.

Hot Tap Excavation

Trench Excavations

Trenching Excavation

We manage all works in relation to trench excavations as preparation for the installation of pipework or other industrial components. We follow all design and site plans while making sure comply with health and safety regulations. As part of the process, we will then instruct our experienced team to complete the work, documenting each step.

Bell Holes

bell holes

To aid efficient welding/repair work, bell holes need to be excavated. We work with the teams involved to implement a plan of action: carrying out bell hole excavations to allow teams to carry out necessary welding and repairs. Teams take a methodical approach to completing the work efficiently while following plans, Temporary works design and health and safety guidelines.

Main Line Trenches

We manage the excavation of main line trenches for pipework construction and for the replacement of existing pipes. We oversee the entire project, creating a detailed plan and keeping records of all works involved. Necessary prior works are undertaken as is analysis of any environmental and safety risks that might be apparent.

main line trenches

Cathodic Protection Excavations & CP Posts Installation

Cathodic protection

We carry out all excavation involved in cathodic protection works. Our expertise includes CP post installation, which we execute efficiently in accordance with all guidelines and safety requirements. We execute such works in line with project schedules and work plans.