Trial Holes

We carry out all aspects of trial hole works, ensuring we excavate the area in a safe and effective way. We undertake the entire process while maintaining high levels of safety to ensure the environment and the surrounding area remains safe and secure. We manage the use of equipment as well as oversee the teams carrying out the work. We then manage the process of sending samples for testing.

trial holes

Right-of-Way, Demarcation, Breakthrough, Temporary Flumes

Temp flumes accesses

When carrying out breakthrough work and other cross-country activities, we take care of all right-of-way access requirements. We manage and install temporary flumes and perform necessary works, organising the temporary road access across ditches, rivers and streams. In addition, we manage site demarcation, ensuring all boundaries are clearly marked.

Environmental Mitigation

Environmental Mitigations

Any construction work that we undertake involves a thorough analysis of all environmental impacts. We complete any required documentation and liaise with the relevant authorities to mitigate potential risks in connection with the project as it affects surrounding areas. We focus on implementing all necessary safety precautions and making sure that our teams are alerted to any potential issues.

Topsoil Stripping

All topsoil stripping is undertaken to enable the sustainable use of soil and in accordance with the construction Code of Practice. We supervise the teams to strip the topsoil away carefully and store it so it can be reused. This key element of managing pipeline work helps to encourage sustainability across each cross-country project we do.

topsoil stripping



To ensure that all employees and teams are protected we will ensure that the process of benching is undertaken professionally and in accordance with all laws and regulations. We will make sure that we prevent cave-ins by taking the necessary steps to implement benching where necessary. This makes sure that we place the safety of all teams as a priority and plan accordingly to ensure all work is executed efficiently and safely.

Pipe Stringing

Pipe Stringing

Pipe stringing is an integral part of the process of installing pipework. We will ensure that the area is adequately prepared for the positioning of pipework prior to the final installation. We will ensure that we use the right teams and implement the correct safety measures to complete this essential part of the process. We will align the pipe joints in preparation for welding and testing.

Mainline Welding & Tie-Ins

To ensure the efficient and correct installation of pipework, we can manage and oversee mainline welding and tie-ins as this will ensure that the work is completed to a high standard while also having the scope to deal with the high pressures involved. All work will be planned and all safety documentation will be completed in accordance to all regulations. Our teams will be qualified and fit for purpose to ensure that the job is finished successfully.

Pipe welding



Testing materials and pipeline components is a crucial part of pipeline construction. We employ Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, using a team with experience of non-destructive testing protocols and equipment. We manage the testing to deliver accurate and actionable results. We take all safety precautions and closely manage the process throughout.

Shot-blasting, power brush & Coating, HD Repair

Shot-blasting, power brush & Coating, HD Repair

We manage and implement repair and maintenance work using a variety of techniques and processes depending on the specific issues to fix. Our maintenance teams access the site, once all safety measures are in place. They are practised in carry out the optimum maintenance procedure to ensure longevity and integrity of all pipework.

Trench & Bell Hole Excavations

 We make sure that all excavations are carried out correctly, including temporary works/benching where needed, in accordance with all safety regulations. Every stage is closely monitored and activity recorded. All teams are fully briefed on the task and we ensure they hold all required skills and qualifications to carry out the work.

Trench & Bell Hole excavations

Road, Ditch, & Drainage Ditch Crossings

Road, Ditch, & Drainage Ditch Crossing's

We manage and carry out all road, ditch and drainage crossings, with safety our priority. We make sure that all crossings are fit for purpose and secure. We follow all safety regulations and monitor the crossings throughout the project.

Lowering & Laying Pipe Sections

Where required, we lower and lay pipe sections needed according to site plans and adhering to regulations. All machinery and equipment is adequately maintained and the workforce involved is chosen based upon expertise. Sections are positioned and secured in place.  All activity is monitored and recorded.

Lower & Lay Pipe sections

Tie-In Fabrications

Tie-in Fabrication

To ensure the secure and safe installation of pipework, we manage and perform tie-in fabrications. We use qualified welders to connect the relevant pipework and complete it to a high standard. We ensure that the work environment is safe and fit for purpose by carrying out risk assessments and safety checks.

Land Drain Repair

Land Drain Repair

We undertake all land drain repair work. This involves assessing the problem and identifying the right plan of action to complete all remedial works efficiently. We monitor and assess all environmental risks making sure that the work is carried out in accordance with all safety regulations.

Sand Surround & Backfill

We ensure that all necessary sand surround is implemented where necessary while carrying out all backfilling. We will use the correct machinery and contractors to complete the works ensuring the right bedding materials and back fill material is suitable for the specific job. All granular material is checked to ensure suitability while we manage the entire project while mitigating risks.

Sand surround & Backfill

Sub Soiling

Cross Country

In order to prepare the ground for pipeline works, we manage all aspects of subsoiling. We monitor soil, identify compaction and undertake the required work. Our operatives use the correct equipment to loosen compacted soil so that we can to move to the next phase of the project.

Topsoil Reinstatement to Easement.

Topsoil Reinstatement to easement, ditches

Following the completion of works, we manage the reinstatement of topsoil to easement and ditches, actively managing the process to take consideration for the environmental impact. All risks are assessed and recorded.

Permanent Fencing

Where required, we plan and install permanent fencing. We complete preparation work and conduct risk assessment, identifying the safety requirements prior to beginning the work. We manage the process, using well-maintained equipment, to install fencing efficiently and professionally.

permanent fencing

Hot Tap Excavation with Reinforced Concrete Support Bases

Hot Tap Excavation

In preparation for hot tapping, we undertake necessary excavation works and installation of any Reinforced Concrete support base.

All work is managed and completed in accordance with all site and project plans and that workforce follow the relevant safety regulations.

Reinforced Concrete Base

At termination points, we manage the installation of an Reinforced Concrete base. We use approved materials, well-maintained equipment and experienced workforce. The process is monitored risks are assessed and all activity recorded.

Termination Point RF concrete Base

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection

We have the expertise to manage the process of Cathodic Protection. This technique prolongs the life of metal surfaces including pipelines. We manage a qualified team with experience of the procedure and how to complete it in a safe and secure way. We document all works, check permits and ensure the site is safe prior to beginning the works.

Hydrostatic Testing , De-water, Cleaning, Drying

Hydrostatic testing is a vital part of managing and maintaining the safety of pipelines. Weakened pipes and leaks can cause significant problems but they are avoided if hydrostatic testing is carried out consistently. We manage the task using an experienced team to carry out the work safely. We ensure that the site is assessed for safety risks and put in place necessary safeguards. We also manage the de-water process as well as cleaning and drying.

hydrostatic testing

Aerial Marker, Line Marker Installation


Installing aerial markers is a key aspect of thorough pipeline surveillance. Investigative work identifies the pipework and from this we place the aerial markers to aid helicopter surveillance. We work according to the maps to ensure the markers are installed with precision at exact grid references.

Assist with Non Routine Operations

We assist with non-routine operations, ensuring we deliver needed results quickly and safely.

Non-routine operations require precision and efficiency to ensure that they do not interrupt or hold up routine operations. We therefore identify any safety issues, precautions needed and develop solutions prior to beginning work.

Assist with Non routine operations

Stopple Connections

Pipeline setup

Pipeline repairs can prove challenging in the absence of a shutoff valve. However, we identify the section of pipeline in need of repair and fit stopple connections. This isolates the section so we can carry out repair work before removing the stopple and letting the flow through.

Data Books Upload

It is important that all records are accurately maintained throughout the duration of any construction project. Our active management of records enables the history of any project be analysed. All project data books are uploaded and stored efficiently so that complete records can be accessed when required.

Assist with Commissioning

At project completion, once we are satisfied that all project works have been completed and the site is safe, we assist with commissioning. We obtain all statutory approvals, ensure all testing is complete and carry out any further checks required.

Assist with Commissioning