Pipeline Protection Slabs

Whether it is repair and replacement of pipeline protection slabs or the installation of new slabs, we oversee and manage the complete process being careful to minimize disruption. Our experienced team uses appropriate machinery to carry out the work. We also implement a safety assessment and prepare thoroughly prior to work starting. Our team is careful to abide by all safety requirements.

Pipeline Protection Slabs

All Bases Including Reinforced Concrete Bases, Pig Trap Bases, Filter Bases, Skid Unit Bases, Boiler Houses

Tru-flow Experienced in Reinforced Concrete bases

We undertake the preparation works and installation for all bases. Every task is carefully planned and documented with any disruption kept at a minimum. The team we use for such work has the appropriate experience and expertise to fulfill the brief. All work is carefully planned in advance. We assess any impact on the environment while ensuring a safe workplace.

Stopple Bases

Stopple bases

We install Stopple bases in accordance with project plans. All work is first assessed and then carried out with care. Our experienced team manages and executes the project including preparing all documentation. They work to ensure the job is completed on schedule and safely.