We manage the process of welding pipe sections, including for repair works and alterations. All safety aspects are monitored and assessed to mitigate risks. Our quality equipment and experienced teams mean that any welding process is performed efficiently in line with the project timeframe.



X Ray testing

It is important that pipelines are regularly inspected and, in the event that any defects are discovered, repaired as quickly as possible. Through x-ray testing, we can view the internal structure and inspect weld repairs without the need to dig. This approach means we have  accurate information by which to solve any problems. We record and monitor the actions and outcomes.

Phased Array

phased array

Using phased array testing, we inspect pipelines, identifying flaws that may be difficult to detect in any other way. This method is used to carry out detailed inspections where necessary, managed by experts in the technology. The results and findings are recorded and used to determine the course of action required to eradicate any potential defects.

Pressure Testing

We use experienced personnel to pressure test the structural integrity of pipework. This establishes if there are defects present and necessary repair work is undertaken.  All actions are logged and safety regulations are followed throughout the process.

Pressure Testing

Coating & Painting

Coating & Painting

Coating and painting of pipelines ensures the longevity of pipelines by reducing corrosion and the impact of exposure to the elements.

We regularly monitor the condition of pipelines and identify if corrective treatment is necessary. This checking process ensures that regular and timely coating and painting is performed.